What I Do…

Many people ask me “what I do” and I’ve always found it difficult to put that into a notable, concise phrase. I’m the proverbial cobbler who’s children have no shoes. But, here goes:

I’m a tech-savvy creative that supports businesses with their digital presence through storytelling, social media plus digital marketing strategies, & community advocacy.

My aim is to develop personalized content and communications solutions for clients big and small that is both smart and soulful. I think humans first and digital second by relating a compelling story that’s designed to drive deep engagement, customer support, brand equity – and, in the end, increase revenue for clients.

How did I fall into this?

In 2006 I helped a friend who was struggling with his internet radio station and assisted him in getting the station on firm ground by aligning his workflow strategy, defining the station’s mission, and supporting each radio personality with their show storylines.

Shortly thereafter, I became the franchise liason for the School of Rock (yes, like the movie with Jack Black). Each school that we opened needed an organic social media marketing strategy. We tried, tested, and tweaked our way into creating a successful subculture that supported the community and allowed many businesses the opportunity to work in cooperation with each other.

Then, in 2009, I opened my own music school and did the same. This time getting involved with community leaders, the chamber of commerce, local high schools and fundraising events.

It was a little later (2012) that I was vacationing in the Andes mountains and was invited by the local college to talk about blues music and play a concert. During the talk I mentioned the story of Robert Johnson and how he allegedly sold his sold to the devil. The audience was completely captivated and the talk, originally scheduled for 60 minutes, lasted 3 hours.

At the concert, I opened with a Robert Johnson tune and, between songs, someone shouted, “Tell us about the devil”. That was when I experienced the true power of story.

I sold my interest in the music school, stayed in the Andes, taught at the local university and became a digital nomad. I sought writing jobs and social media work on the surface, but, it was the storytelling magic that I worked under the surface that appealed to the target audience.

How can I help you?

I prefer to fly under the radar and be the behind-the-scenes secret weapon for clients. The Joe Perry to Steven Tyler, or the Richie Sambora to Bon Jovi, or, better yet, the Bernie Taupin to Elton John. I love connecting with people and bring a natural curiosity that can be infused into business-wide strategies.

My objective is to help brands, businesses and influencers find their own unique voice and personality by blending the human quality of story with the geeky part of content strategy and digital marketing. I like to use creativity in order to frame memorable moments that produce strong engagement.


Because I’m fascinated by the era that we’re living in today. While the landscape of how we communicate is constantly changing in awe-inspiring ways, the heart of human connection remains. It lives and breathes in authentic and emotional storytelling.

This is where I thrive. In the charming, chaotic, and splintered world of media storytelling, branded content, and social media strategy. Thank you for taking the time to read.

If you’d like more information or just want to chat then please reach out to me at ed@rockeromedia.com.

Key Skills & Experience:

  • Creator (musician, published author, digital artist, etc.)
  • Ghostwriter / Ghost Blogger
  • Social & Digital Media Strategist (B2B, B2C & B2Human)
  • Content Marketing Specialist (social, digital and print)
  • Speaker & Clinician (Workshops)
  • Brand Strategist (brand voice, values, channel strategies)
  • Learning Assessment Storyteller
  • Presentation Writer / Coach

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