Villa Cartagena Site Designed By Rockero Media

Rockero Media was recently contracted by Welcome to Medellin Realty SAS, a real estate and relocation services firm located in Medellin, Colombia. Welcome to Medellin recently acquired Villa Cartagena as part of their expansion into the Cartagena community. You can visit the
Villa Cartagena Site and the Villa Cartagena Blog. This luxury property is for sale.
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5 Easy Steps to Designing Your Web Site

In today’s market, a website isn’t enough. But, it’s a place to start. Facebook and other social networking sites have made it easy for businesses to create an online presence; but, is it enough? Rather than scan through a timeline of posts, would-be clients prefer to be sent to a site where they can easily investigate further of you’re the right fit for what they’re looking for. This is where you’re website comes in.
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New Year's 2016 Resolution

At the close of 2015, I took stock of where I am professionally and made a resolution. But, before I can look at where I'm going, I need to first see where I've been.


Rockero Media began in January 2005. I opened up a small project studio for content development. Music, voiceovers, internet radio shows, etc. It was initially a vanity business that paid for itself and provided with some extra side money.
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