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In today’s business, an online presence is no longer enough. Social networks are a major component of your company and offer a new way to engage with customers.

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We begin with a free initial consultation. Next, we evaluate your existing activities. Lastly, we create a suggested strategy based on what we believe will deliver the most cost effective results.

Social Network Strategy


To improve YourBrand’s standing in the online marketplace.


Create an internet presence.
Develop and maintain an online campaign that will attract attention, drive traffic and inspire action.


Create a website (digital brochure and content depository). Use the top 8 social networks to build awareness, interest and engagement.

Online marketing campaigns and social networking strategies can run into the tens of thousands. In order to create the biggest impact on a budget, we can create a strategy based on your budget. That being said, the success of any social marketing strategy is based on consistency and frequent updates.

Social Network Strategy


Use Facebook to create meaning conversations that connect fans to YourBrand by sharing great content and newsfeed images. For example: a picture of your latest menu addition, rental property, product, etc. or one that promotes your recent event, we’ll make sure that the look and feel best represent who you are offline and online.


Use Twitter as a branding opportunity to educate your audience on your marketing message and business tagline. Brand your business by answering these questions.
• Who is your target market?
• How you can offer them an experience unlike anybody else?
• What is your call to action and what next step do you want them to take?

Google Plus

Use Google Plus to create a viral campaign. Let’s face it, Google is the internet. Repurposed content (images and videos have an 87% likelihood of being forwarded and shared) can be used to drive traffic to FaceBook and the YourBrand website.


LinkedIn’s continued growth and move towards visual marketing make this an important place for YourBrand to be. With over 332 million members, LinkedIn is growing at a speed of more then 2 new members per second.


Use YouTube to tell your story with video. Since YouTube is a video-sharing site and not a photo-sharing site, your graphic focus will be your channel's profile image and cover photo. Your videos tell a story.


Use a persuasive Pinterest image attract attention, inspire action and drive traffic to your website or blog.


Use Instagram to better connect with your audience, tell your story and brand your business. With more than 300 million users, Instagram is a visual marketing social leader. Sharing your latest blog post, business quote or helpful tip, Instagram has marketing super powers, no matter the industry or niche.


Tumblr is no lightweight when it comes to visual marketing. Tumblr has over 420 million users, over 113 million posts per day and is extremely popular with the younger demographic (18–30).

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Ed Lozano, the founder of Rockero Media, is a tech-savvy creative. Ed balances a rare combinations of skills: music, art, writing, web design, business, networking and a love for the internet / digital world.

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