Creative Content Development

Writing and Editing

Let your service or product tell the story and let your experience speak to your clients. All we need is a few simple facts about what you do and how you do it to create an engaging profile that will have your customers excited and confident about working with you. We can custom-create content for your website, catalog, email, and other promotional items; or, we can easily peruse your existing content and provide suggestions and/or feedback. In addition, we can provide content that is SEO-friendly and/or adapt your existing content for the search engine bots. In either case it's always nice to have a fresh set of eyes take a look at your message and ensure that the integrity of that message be at the forefront.

Podcasting and Web Promotion

Podcasts are a great promotional tool that can be used to leverage web traffic, attract new customers to your site and entice your regular clients to return. From audio journals to how-tos and friendly advice to customer testimonials and water-cooler banter, if people like you they want more—but, they want it when they want it. Creating a podcast series is a lot cheaper and easier than you may think. And once the podcasts are created they can be used and re-used to promote your website and ultimately your business.

Video and Screencasts

For the same reasons that podcasts are important so are video and digital photos. The popularity of sites like YouTube, Vimeo, etc. have turned everybody with a webcam into Johnny Carson, Jay Leno, David Letterman, Bill Maher, and Steve Coulbert. However, there is an upside: a virtual tour of your place of business can be used as a commercial and can be created very inexpensively. Also, "How-To" videos and screencasts are valuable tools that can generate the type of word-of-mouth advertising that money can't buy. In addition, a how-to video will only boost your credential as an expert.

Custom Music

Rockero Media began as a specialty production house that focused on commercial music instruction and music-related content. As the shifts and trends in music fluctuated, my clients demands became less and less while, at the same time, a new breed of client was developing. Many friends and colleagues (who did not particularly understand what Ed Lozano did—they only knew that it was music related) began telling their friends and acquaintances about Ed’s computer and internet troubleshooting skills. This led Ed to rework his business strategy and focus on the small business owner or independent service provider. That having been said, Ed’s passion for music has never diminished and Rockero Media can provide you with your own company theme song or personalized music message.

About Ed Lozano

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Ed Lozano, the founder of Rockero Media, is a tech-savvy creative. Ed balances a rare combinations of skills: music, art, writing, web design, business, networking and a love for the internet / digital world.

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